What the Heck is Up There?

First, I have to start by thanking my girlfriend Lisa for saying yes to doing a yoga class and walking 6 miles with me this morning. It felt so good to get up and get active, but I will blame her for why I was too tired to get any real work done in the attic.

6 Miles

Not really, but **spoiler alert **I didn’t get any real work done in the attic today. Maybe we can blame Ana. You’ll meet her today.

So what the heck is up in the attic? That’s a great question, but after going up there today, I think the better question is what the heck is NOT up there? I made my way up the stairs to try and get my mind around where I might start and think through how I can take you on this journey with me. I’m going to be honest, it was a bit overwhelming looking all around and thinking where do I start?


Stairs leading up to my attic.

I walked around looking at the various piles and decided to open up a small box sitting next to an old dresser. Ok, stop the presses, I have a camel in my attic. No, not a REAL camel, but a leather stuffed camel that I feel would maybe be a keeper if I were some kind of a hip decorator. But I’m not, so right now its a stuffed camel in a box. It just seems so random and ridiculous that I would have kept a camel in my attic for 13 years. Yes, 13 years!

I sent the camel picture to my daughter who is away at college and she told me she thought we had a dried up, dead rat in our attic. So I guess it could be worse, I could actually have a dried up, dead rat in my attic. I will keep that as a mental reminder to keep me positive and encouraged as I go through things, “at least it’s not a dried up, dead rat.”


This is NOT a Rat

The truth about the camel is that my brother-in-law brought it back to me from his tour of duty while he was overseas serving in the Air Force and I have yet to have the heart to throw it away. So we will have to see which pile this guy ends up in.

Next in my line of sight were books. Lots and lots of books. My mind wandered to where I wanted to take the books to donate. Then I saw old office files, old toys, art work, furniture, suitcases, figurines, picture frames, decorations, floral arrangements, keepsakes-you name it, there is a little of everything.


Here’s a painting I found in my college art portfolio.

Office Files

Old Work Files


Old Software, Posters, Pictures, Frames, etc. etc.

After taking a visual assessment, I realized that I need to be able to sort all this stuff into categories and boxes so that I can take action.  The categories that I came up with include:


  • Trash
  • Recycle
  • Donate
  • Share
  • Keep
  • Scrapbook
  • Repair

Next, I realized I should probably write those categories down on pieces of paper and tape them to boxes.  When I came downstairs to grab some paper and a pen, Cassie, my labradoodle, needed to go outside. It was a rare occurrence because we normally have to force her to go outside because she NEVER likes to be someplace that her humans are not also located.


This is Cassie. When we leave her, she incessantly tries to break out of the gate and often succeeds.

When I turned around, our little old lady pup, Ana Bella (who has an awesomely cute under bite and missing teeth) was sitting on the kitchen rug with sad eyes. NO WAIT! Not sad eyes, one really swollen eye. At closer look her left eye was all red and swollen and oozing yucky stuff. I made a quick call to the vet, tucked Ana under my arm and we were out the door.  The good news is that it looks like it is just a scratch on her eye and the vet gave us some drops to make it all better, so all is well.

Looks like we will have to save the sorting exercises until tomorrow. Just goes to show that things don’t always go the way we might plan, but let us be grateful for the chance to try again tomorrow and for the fact that there is not a big dead rat in my attic!


Meet My Sweet Ana Bella


6 thoughts on “What the Heck is Up There?

    • Diane Wilkes says:

      I miss that attic!! My “attic” is now a rented storage unit. Uggh! Out of sight, out of mind- for a procrastinator, these are evil words! Thanks for the tips!

      • Roseanne says:

        Hi Diane! Yes, this attic makes it so easy to say, “just put it in the attic.” My goal is to downsize enough that it would all fit in a small storage unit! I would love to turn the attic into a multipurpose room to craft, sew and hang out in!

  1. juliefoncea@gmail.com says:

    I love this and “watching” as you figure it all out! BTW, I’ll store all your books for you so you don’t have to deal with them:)

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