The Closet Hoarder’s Dilemma

Me: “Look, I’m not a hoarder, I just don’t have time to do all the things I want to do right now.”

Me: “Oh wow, this would be really great to have for a craft with the kids, can you imagine all the things we could make! I’ll just put in the attic.”

Me: “Let’s just store it in the attic until I have some time off work, THEN I’m going to make some time to do that project.”

Me (again): Blah, blah, blah.

Yep, that was my mantra and lines that I would use when my husband would question why I was choosing to store yet another item in our attic. You see, I love to create and learn new things and a key effort in my creative process is to try and reuse, re-purpose and recycle things. I love the idea of being able to turn what one might see as trash into something that can be used. I especially like doing art and craft projects with my kids (who are not quite “kids” anymore, but that’s another post and probably contributing to why I face this dilemma).

As an example, I saved cardboard rolls from Christmas wrapping paper and packing paper from our move in the attic. Why you might ask? Because you never know when you might want to make 7 ft femur bones to use in a scavenger hunt at your kid’s Halloween party. And as a bonus, you can even use them as decorations at future parties!

Femur Bones

Or what about those large boxes? Why would you keep them you might ask. Because you never know when you will need to make ships for next year’s Halloween party!


Or what if one of your best friends asks you if you want to make a centerpiece for her daughter’s fairy tale themed wedding reception??? That’s right, with an attic overflowing with “just in case” stuff, I was able to march right up those attic stairs and look around for some inspiration. And what do you know, an old broken ceiling fan caught my eye. All I had to do was gather some tools and make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and I was able to convert that broken ceiling fan into a sensational centerpiece that was fit for a princess bride!

FairyTale Centerpiece

The great thing about keeping and storing things is that it helps us to feel ready and equipped for things that might come our way. When we keep things stored away, they are safe in our possession and free from misuse or the threat of being undervalued by others. When we store things away, we get to decide when we are ready to use them, what to create and with whom we want to share them.

But here in lies the dilemma. When we choose to store things, put things off, or save things for some future date, we risk not doing anything at all with what we’ve stored. Even worse, we might miss the opportunity to create some real value out of what we’ve kept because we just forgot it was up there, we can’t find it, or we lose the motivation to do something with it. So, the potential for the item and the possibility for its use and its value diminishes. In these instances, all that stuff which was intended for good, no longer is a source of inspiration or energy, but a burden that can weigh us down and a remind us of all that we have yet to accomplish.

“…all that stuff which was intended for good, no longer is a source of inspiration or energy, but a burden that can weigh us down and remind us of all that we have yet to accomplish.”

Maybe you can relate. Do you have more pins on your Pinterest board than you have time to do them? How about having a thought or idea swirling around in your head that you think might be worth putting down on paper, but you just can’t get started? Do you feel the weight of all that you have to do weighing on you and struggle with deciding where to start? Or are you at a time in your life where you just need to stop storing or putting off things for some future date and start doing things now?

If you answered yes to any of those, especially, “I’m ready to stop putting things off and start doing things now,” than my friend we are on the same journey and I’d like to welcome you to The Open Attic.

Here, I’m going to rip back the tape and unpack the boxes of my everyday life, share my stored-up thoughts, ideas and adventures and put myself in motion to knock things off of my “To-Do” list. Here I’m going to challenge myself to get organized, make decisions and find my way through my mess of stored up things and tell you what I learn along the way.

It is my hope that you will be inspired, encouraged and walk with me on this journey and maybe even get your attic cleaned out.

It will be messy, it will be imperfect, but it is a start.

Let’s make the space for something new!


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4 thoughts on “The Closet Hoarder’s Dilemma

  1. MNL says:

    That centerpiece looks amazing. I would never have thought of it.

    yeah, i know the hoarder feeling. Mine is books. If I am thinking of starting something new, I get books on the subject. Sometimes I just look at the pictures and never actually start the hobby. They say “it’s the thought that counts”; I’m not so sure, lol.

    • Roseanne says:

      Thank you so much, definitely made with love. I can totally relate on the books too and am planning a post around that very topic 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

  2. Beatrice says:

    I love the quote about how the things we put away is a reminder of what we have yet to accomplish. It reminds me of all these crafts I was inspired to do, and how I bought the materials, but they just sit on my desk or shelf, waiting to be opened. Wishing you well on your journey! 🙂

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