How We Got to Green Smoothies

A little over three years ago I was going through my news feed on Facebook and an article popped up about craving sugar and the symptoms you might experience if you are addicted to sugar. As a side note, this just reinforced my belief that “big brother” is always listening and so did this article (just don’t leave me yet):  Big brother is here, and his name is Facebook.

Big Brother is Listening

Anyways, it immediately sparked my interest because it could have been an excerpt from recent conversations that I had about how I was feeling. Not to mention me recognizing my need to have sugary sweets easily accessible just about all hours of the day. I actually had a basket in my pantry dedicated to sweet treats called “the candy basket” and it was ALWAYS full (Oh my Lord this makes me feel like a terrible parent just thinking about it).  But it gets better, I mean worse. I also kept sugary treats stuffed away in my office to “nibble” on while I was working. Folks I’m telling you the sugar addiction WAS REAL and it was bad.

Sugar addiction

Sugar Addiction is Real

After doing some more research on sugar addiction, I realized, “Oh my gosh, I think I may ACTUALLY have an addiction to sugar!” So I did some more research on how to detox and treat it and came across They had a guide on how to do a sugar detox and overcome sugar addiction that was straight forward and easy to follow, so I bought their book, The Ultimate Candida Diet Program and have not looked back since. I’m not going to go into the diet because that is definitely not my area of expertise. I will also spare you all the details of the detox, but let me tell you that it changed me physically and mentally. My gut is healed, my body is healthier, I’m leaner, my weight is easier to maintain, my skin is brighter, I don’t crave sugar like I used to (but I still like a sweet treat now and then), and I have more energy. Better yet, my moods are better and I feel more relaxed overall (which is my favorite part).

Cabbage Masala

The whole family was on board … well, kinda.

The results were so dramatic that it completely changed my entire approach to diet and health and wellness for my family.

Spiced Roasted Cabbage
Spiced Roasted Cabbage
New Orleans BBQ Shrimp with Asparagus Salad

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp with Asparagus Salad

Sylvia's Minestrone Soup

Sylvia’s Minestrone Soup

The results were so dramatic that it completely changed my entire approach to diet and health and wellness for me and my family. I began seeking recipes that were more vegetable based. I also started limiting our intake of cheese and red meats. My goal was to get rid of inflammation in my body. So to Lisa Richards and Dr. Eric Wood – I AM GRATEFUL!  My transformation started with your diet. My only wish is that I would have discovered this sooner so that I would have made different decisions in how I fed my kids when they were growing up.

Hot Ginger Lemon Water Sweetened with Honey

Hot Ginger Lemon Water, Spiced with Clove & Sweetened with Honey

To make a long story short … this diet change is what got me into trying green smoothies which are just about my all time FAVORITE breakfast now. My first attempt at a green smoothie back in February of 2014 was pretty rough.

I looked up a recipe online and tried to make it with a blender. I made a huge mess and it was lumpy and chunky.  It was kind of funny watching my husband Jeremy’s gag reflex kick in when he got ginger fibers stuck on his tongue. I just can’t help but laugh when I see this picture because his look says, “I’ll try it, but I really don’t want to.”

First Green Smoothie

My super supportive husband reluctantly tried my first green smoothie.

I knew that if I was going to get my husband on board, the first step would be getting the right tool for the job.  The second step would be letting him open the box up and see how it works (that is his designated family job, since he likes to open things and see how they work).  So, the next day I made a quick run to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought my first NutriBullet. The family’s enthusiasm could hardly be contained!


Our First NutriBullet

Their enthusiasm could hardly be contained.

But I was determined to make something yummy and to get them on board with eating healthier!

My 1st NutriBullet Smoothie - Now that's MUCH better!

My 1st NutriBullet Green Smoothie – Now that’s MUCH better!

After almost four years of being committed to eating green and eating healthy, it no longer feels like something we are just trying out. Eating healthy and limiting sugar in our diets is a way of life for our family. Now instead of me trying to get them to drink smoothies, they ask me if I will make them one! It’s been a miracle transformation!

So if your gut is telling you its time to try something new or if you are interested in exploring healthier alternatives, I’d like to encourage you to do the research and find options that would work for you. It’s been so fun discovering new recipes that my family enjoys, but with the added benefit of feeling better.

Below is my recipe for my favorite green smoothie. Give it a try! Be sure to let me know how it goes!

Roseanne’s Favorite Green Smoothie

  • (1 to 2) Cups Spinach
  • (1) Banana (sometimes I add 1 to 3 frozen slices also)
  • (1 to 3) Pieces Frozen Pineapple (quartered)
  • Juice from (1 to 2) Freshly Squeezed Lemons (depending on how juicy)
  • (1 to 3) Stalks Celery (chopped)
  • (½) English Cucumber
  • 1 Tbsp Ginger (chopped)
  • (1 to 2) Cups Unsweetened Coconut Milk

*Sometimes I add turmeric like I did this morning.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I absolutely agree that diet is the key to good health. I personally witnessed someone dear to me undergo terrible physical changes due to an MS diagnosis. We found a miracle book, ramped up an already decent diet, and in less than a year this man who couldn’t walk downstairs without taking them one at a time was back to running half marathons. Diet is everything.

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